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Luxury Travel Advisor, Coach & Consultant

Over my 8-year career in the travel industry, I've been known for making connections and thinking outside-the-box. My roles as a luxury tour operator, travel agent, agent recruiter and Global Director of Business Development for Young Travel Professionals (YTP) have given me a unique 360-degree understanding of the industry that I leverage to my clients’ advantage.

I look at problems and see opportunities. When I noticed the lack of "next gen" travel advisors, I developed the NEXT program, an initiative between two industry giants, to recruit, train and mentor a new, innovative era of advisors.

And when I saw that those new agents and others needed a community to support each other and share resources, I created AMIKO, a digital community for modern travel advisors.

Along the way I’ve become a go-to resource for individuals and businesses looking to become or connect with the new generation of luxury travel advisors. I’ve worked with everyone from tech startups to leading hotel brands.

So, how can I help you?

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Work with Me

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Planning a trip? Looking for advice from a travel expert? I’ve been to over 70 countries, visiting all the top luxury properties along the way. I’m happy to help you book your trip, but I also understand that sometimes you want to use your points/miles and DIY —that’s cool, and why I offer hourly consultations. There’s no commitment to booking with me—but, if you do, get ready to feel like a ROCKSTAR!

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Do you want to turn your passion for travel into a rewarding career as an advisor? Get the training you never received? While there are many advisor training programs out there, they’re mostly outdated, time consuming, and often quite expensive. You are unique—and so is your business.
My custom, one-month JUMPSTART coaching program will help you get your business off the ground as quickly as possible.And as your coach, I'll personally commit to your success, ensuring you get the training, resources, and introductions you need to crush it as a travel advisor for the modern world.

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Want to reach the next generation of luxury travel advisors? Trying to understand the industry? Have a startup you need advisor perspective on? Let’s talk.


Pick My Brain: $199/hour

Got questions? Schedule a consultation to ask them!

Jumpstart: Starts at $749/month

Custom agent training and coaching varies on based on your needs and where you want support. Contact me so we can brainstorm how I can best add value.

Hire Me: Price varies

Need more consistent or ad hoc support over time? Contact me to discuss project-based services and dedicated work sessions.

No hidden fees, no upselling, no nonsense.


Elise Angelopulos

Tzell Travel Group

It's not easy to break into the travel world - an industry where who you know really matters. Marisa not only knows everyone who's anyone, but has authentic and long-time relationships with hoteliers, tour operators and agencies across the world. 

With her connections and insight, Marisa helped land my first travel advisor job at one of the largest host agencies in North America. Even after the papers were signed (and years later), Marisa continues to offer support - from "new to travel" seminars, networking meet-ups and her advisor network, AMIKO

"Working with Marisa is a must for anyone looking to break into the travel industry!"


Rani Cheema

Cheema's Travel

Marisa Costa has been one of my greatest cheerleaders and supporters since I first met her in 2014. Ever since she has connected me to so many resources that are assisting me in building my business and brand.

I’ve also witnessed Marisa building up others within the travel agent side and the vendor side. While others think there is competition around every corner, Marisa believes we all have to support each other in their expansion and that is why she has built AMIKO.


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